Machine Evaluation

Have you come across a used or even a new machine you are considering purchasing and aren't certain if it's the right machine for you? Do you wonder if it has any issues or, even if you believe it to be in excellent condition, would it work for your needs? If so, then our machine evaluation service might be just the thing to save you a lot of grief. With over 20 years of experience in the benchtop molding machine field, we know just about every benchtop machine out there and can often save you from making a costly mistake.

Though we are attempting to rectify the situation, there simply isn't much information out there on benchtop molding machines and unfortunately, most buyers aren't familiar with what to look for in a machine, let alone what such a machine is actually capable of producing. Often they can end up buying something with missing, or broken parts or simply discover that it isn't the right size or type of machine for them. Used machine descriptions like"turns on", "heats up" or "plastic runs through it" is often not enough to know you are looking at a fully functional machine. This can come from an honest seller that doesn't have the knowledge to realize that it has problems, or worse, a dishonest seller that knows and is just taking advantage of the unknowing buyer. We see so many machines on the market that clearly have broken or missing parts that sometimes sell for far more than they should. Boat anchors can be purchased much cheaper elsewhere....

Sticking with the nautical theme, we can help you wade through the "murky waters" of the benchtop injection molding machine market. We will take a look at any machine you can find listed anywhere and warn you of any potential problems we see. If we are unclear on anything we can provide you with some specific questions for the seller. We will email you a report on each machine evaluated along with an estimated value. Once more, if you are seriously in the market for a machine, you can even end up getting the reports for FREE. Any money spent on evaluations are applicable to the purchase of any of OUR machines up to a max value of 20% of the list price (some exclusions may apply. Contact us for details).

Machine evaluations start at $25 per machine and depend on the machine value, the complexity of our reports as well as the scope of our involvement in the process. For example if we have to contact the seller ourselves or personally inspect the machine then additional fees may apply. Our intent is that this service provides a discernible value to our customers and some evaluations may actually result in $0 charges if we cannot provide any notable value to you in our report, so you have nothing to loose to give us a try and lots to gain by not wasting your time and money. We will even let you know an upfront cost for your evaluation so there are no surprises. Contact us today and let us use our experience to help you make the right choice the first time...


What it costs - Starting at $25 per machine ( upfront pricing, so no surprises ). Some evaluations will have zero costs, and all costs are applicable to the purchase of any of our machines.

What you get - An emailed report on each machine evaluated complete with all known issues and concerns and an estimated market value as well as a suitability evaluation for your particular needs.