Support Products

We offer a variety of standard "practice" molds, castable mold frames, mold bases and other products to help you to make "your parts your way" even faster.

Practice Molds

Choose from a variety of low cost novelty related practice molds to help those new to injecting molding learn what a mold should look and feel like and how they should perform. Available molds include...

Basic Molds (easiest to use, works well with small hand operated machines)

  • Chip-clip mold
  • Spinning top mold
  • Oversize paperclip
  • Snowflake building toy
  • Novelty coin (printed "Round Tuit" or blank)
  • Oval Key Fob

Intermediate Molds (medium to hard difficulty)

  • Hair comb (requires higher pressure machines and more skill)
  • Ejectable mold (requires higher pressure machines, teaches how ejectable molds function)

Castable mold frames

Mold frames allow a user to cast an epoxy-filled mold around an existing moldable part that you wish to copy (note that the resulting molded plastic part from such a mold will be slightly smaller than the original). This method is useful for prototype parts or for a short run of parts (perhaps a qty of 100-200), as the mold will not last as long as a machined metal mold. Also, due to the brittle nature of epoxy, this type of mold is not suitable for parts that would result in thin or delicate structures within the epoxy that could break easily upon the injection of plastic or the removal of the completed part.

  • Small mold frame
  • Large mold frame

Mold Bases

For (MI) Proto-Ject type machines only

Mold bases allow a user (customer or MI) to machine an insert that can quickly be installed in the mold base to allow a lower cost solution to having multiple complete molds, and to allow lower cost replacement to worn molds by only remanufacturing the insert portion.