Custom Benchtop Plastic Injection Molds

Let MI make you a custom mold

Note: Mold costs will vary depending upon whether we will be making your parts for you or you are purchasing the mold outright and making the parts yourself. Mold prices are generally lower when we are making your parts since we can help make up for a lower mold cost through part production. If we are making your parts for you, molds produced on your behalf will remain the property of MI (Manning Innovations) until such time that you chose to purchase them outright. You can choose to change from one manufacturing method to another at anytime, but some restrictions and costs may apply (See Turnkey Molding for more information on having us make your parts).

The steps to have MI make YOU a custom mold for YOU to produce your own parts are...

  1. Designing the part -- Send us any type of drawing, from a rough dimensional sketch on a napkin to a polished engineering drawing, or even better, send us a sample part. We will evaluate the part and even offer engineering assistance to make sure the part is mold-able and the mold is machinable in a cost effective manor. If we see a problem or a potential cost saving change, we will offer suggestions for you to modify the part design, or again, offer our engineering services to handle it for you (additional fees may apply). Once a final design has been determined, we will provide you a quote on the mold. At this point you can still decide to have Manning Innovations produce your parts or continue with the mold purchase process.
  2. Receiving the quote -- The quote will have ONE price but TWO options from which you may choose. ( Option 1 -- MI makes your parts ) Price includes cost for Manning Innovations to build the mold and to produce and ship you the stated quantity of parts in the quote. You will own the parts, but Manning Innovations will retain possession and ownership of the mold ]. ( Option 2 -- MI builds and ships you the mold w/o any produced parts ) Price includes final sale price for you to purchase the mold outright. You will own the mold and price includes insured shipping of the mold to you. No parts are produced other than sample parts used for mold approval. Option 1 stills allows for purchasing the mold outright at a later time.
  3. Making the mold. Regardless of the option chosen, this step requires a 60% ( non refundable ) down-payment of the quoted price. After building the mold, some sample parts are produced using the mold and sent to you to evaluate ( See Note 1 below ). If the parts are acceptable, the 40% balance of the mold price is paid and we will ship you the mold ( under option 1 ) along with the molding parameters we used to produce the sample parts, or after payment of the 40% balance ( under option 2 ) we will ship you the first quantity of parts included in the the original quote. Future production of parts may begin anytime thereafter at the agreed upon rates and current set-up fees. MI will wave the set-up fee if additional parts are ordered prior to production of the original quantity of parts.

Note 1 : We will produce the sample parts as faithfully to the approved drawing as possible (within agreed upon tolerances). However, if the parts are not acceptable, you may choose to stop the process at this point and owe nothing more and the order is considered terminated. The ( as produced ) mold will become the permanent property of Manning Innovations to do with as we see fit. However, if you still wish to proceed, any desired modifications ( change orders ) to the part(s) or mold for any reason will result in additional fees ( priced at our then current time and material shop rates ) and are in addition to the 40% remaining balance on the mold. New samples will be produced after the change and sent again to you for evaluation. This process may continue as long as you like, with the option to stop after each change or you can choose to move forward with part production and/or mold purchase at any time.