• Custom Mold Making - For customers buying one of our molding machines, we can make a custom mold for you that will allow you to produce parts immediately upon receiving the machine.

  • Engineering Services - We can help you with the design of your part(s) to help make them easier and more affordable to manufacture.

  • Machining Services - For customers who's part quantity can't justify a machine or a mold, then our part machining services might be the answer. We can machine parts from a variety of plastics (and even metal) to help you get "your parts your way."

  • Turnkey Molding Service - For customers who don't feel that they can justify a machine purchase at this time or simply don't want to be involved in the actual part manufacture, we can make your parts for you. It doesn't get any easier than this.

  • Machine Evaluation Service - Let us check out a machine you are considering purchasing to see if it is fully functional and the right machine for your needs.